Dhaka Handicrafts

Dhaka, Bangladesh

•    Export products: baskets and boxes
•    Export destinations: Asia, Europe, America, Australia & Pacific
•    Certification: WFTO membership in process

Dhaka Handicrafts produces high quality woven basketry made of natural fibers. Our woven baskets and boxes are made of cane, bamboo, hogla fibers, palm and date leaves. Dhaka Handicrafts is one of Bangladesh’s leading handicrafts producers and exporters. Maintaining our fair trade principles, we have expanded our business throughout the world. Our extensive experience in exporting to Asia, Europe, America and Australia makes our company a reliable partner. Dhaka Handicraft promotes handcrafts by enhancing the skills of craftsmen in Bangladesh. Dhaka Handicrafts’ primary goals are to protect high quality craftsmanship and pay craftsman a fair price.

Contact supplier directly

Mrs. Tanu Dey

Tel +880 1712225519



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