Lalitpur, Nepal

•    Export products: stationary & paper, home accessories, fashion accessories
•    Export destinations: Europe, Asia, USA, Australia & Pacific
•    Certification: WFTO Guaranteed Member

Mahaguthi produces natural paper products such as notebooks and decorative hangers. Our paper ware is made from locally sourced lokta fiber (Daphne bhoula or Daphne papyracea) which we screen print with contemporary prints and designs. We have two shops in the Kathmandu Valley and serve both the domestic and international markets. We work with several groups of local craftspeople, combining the efforts of more than 1.000 individuals from remote mountainous areas. Our motto is ‘Craft with Conscience’ – keep fairness in heart and professionalism in mind. Mahaguthi was the founding member of the Fair Trade Group Nepal, and is a WFTO Guaranteed Member.

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Mr. Sunil Chitrakar

Tel +977 15533197

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