Trashy Bags

Accra, Ghana

•    Export products: recycled bags, shopping bags, laptop sleeves, wallets
•    Export destinations: Europe, USA, Australia & Pacific
•    Certification: WTFO membership in process

Trashy Bags makes recycled and eco-friendly bags, smart shopping bags, laptop sleeves and wallets. Our practical, fashionable bags and accessories are made of up-cycled plastic. Discarded plastic drinking water sachets are all over the streets of West Africa. Since our start in 2008, we have collected and processed over 25 million of them. Our thirty-plus employees turn water sachets and billboards into bags, each one unique in design and color. Trashy Bags is a non-profit social enterprise. To demonstrate our social responsibility, we are in the process of becoming a WFTO guaranteed member.

Contact supplier directly

Mr. Stuart Gold

Tel +233 242934021

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