Wax Industri

Ngawi, Indonesia

•    Export product: candles
•    Export destinations: Europe, America, Australia & Pacific
•    Certification: WFTO certification in process

Wax Industri’s candles come in all shapes and sizes, and are known for their rich colors. Apart from our changing collections, we offer a basic product range that reflects the latest trends. We offer a customization service and we can produce candles in your choice of PANTONE colors. All our candles are made of vegetable wax. We use locally available renewable materials as much as possible and only source ingredients that do not meet our highest standards elsewhere. We choose to hand-pour as hand-crafted products mean more jobs, less crime, and a happy village. This gives our candles the personal touch, appreciated by both the makers and the consumers.

Contact supplier directly

Mr. Prananto Nugroho

Tel +62 2175875255



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